Areas of Expertise
Areas of Expertise


Our specialised teams have a wealth of experience in a broad range of holistic portfolios in areas ranging from Facilities Management through to Project Delivery. We understand the objectives and challenges that your businesses may face.

Critical environments

A critical environment is normally a term reserved for such things as data centres and clean rooms. However, any environment, physical or virtual, that when unavailable will stop your business from operating can be considered a critical environment.

Whether manufacturing textiles, managing a lab environment or operating a Data Centre, the critical environment is the beating heart of your business. If issues occur in this environment then your business suffers as a consequence. A business will always be limited by its ability to manage and maintain its critical environments.

Alver Services have worked extensively with one of the world’s frontmost pioneers in data centres development, having provided the management software for the critical environment for more than 1100 locations worldwide.

We have been providing solutions to manage, analyse and improve critical environments for over 10 years. Alver Services’ bespoke software design, data warehousing/consolidation and integration services have proven to provide tangible benefits to a portfolio of over 5.9 million m2 across multiple high-profile clients.

Critical environments

What does my business gain by collaborating with Alver Services to manage its critical environment?

  • Reduce disruption

    Concise tracking and communication of actions during Significant Incidents.

  • Improve operator efficiency and productivity

    Utilise a centralised repository for Best Practices, Compliance Training and Lessons Learned documentation.

  • Reduce spending/cashflow issues

    Implement a complete asset assessment and replacement program.

  • Avoid down-time in your business

    Use historical trending and analytics tools to identify and remediate issues before they manifest themselves.

  • Ensure the timely delivery of projects

    Use a controlled, configurable and fully integrated suite of project management tools.

  • Streamline management workload

    Utilise a KPI dashboard, allowing the management team full visibility & control of operations while freeing up resource to focus on company growth and other improvements to your business.

  • Demonstrate control to your clients

    Access accurate data from reliable systems instantly, answer client queries with confidence. Remove doubt from the mind of your clients by showing them you are in control of your business and theirs.

Facilities management

In the same way your business does not run itself, your company’s premises are not run and maintained of their own accord. Facilities Management is the process of integrating people with the building environment. A well-executed FM process can ensure a safe, productive and attractive working environment for existing and prospective members of staff.

Alver Services has worked with both dedicated FM suppliers and their clients to design, develop and support FM specific software for over 15 years. Alver Services bespoke solutions provide benefits to the FM supplier by offering management solutions for all aspects of hard/soft FM and to their clients by offering reporting and performance analytics.

Facilities management

How can Alver Services help my business’s FM process?

  • Increase employee morale and productivity

    Implement an end to end ‘helpdesk’ issue reporting system. Ensure the needs of your staff are met using a frustration free web front end for reporting and tracking minor concerns and complaints relating to the building.

  • Build harmonious relationships

    Offer transparent, concise reporting of performance metrics between FM supplier and client(s).

  • Increase control of finances

    Manage costs and contractual SLAs using a suite of tools.

  • Optimise your use of space

    Monitoring, analysing and adapting space requirements using a building utilisation management system.

  • Increase visibility and control of projects

    Introduce a suite of tools which allow the FM supplier to collaborate with their clients on large and small projects alike being conducted on your premises.

  • Ensure continuous operation

    Introduce an Asset Management solution to track and analyse all aspects of planned/reactive maintenance on your portfolio of assets and therefore reduce costs by constructing an asset maintenance/replacement program informed by real data captured against your assets.

  • Track volume driven services

    Clearly identify and track your volume driven services, post volumes, waste levels etc. Use this information to validate the services you are paying for are right for you.

Project delivery

Many businesses operate in a perpetual state of flux. Their challenges can be broken into uniquely identifiable chunks of work – labelled, “projects”.

A project is a series of tasks with a definitive start, finish and budget with the aim to produce a tangible benefit.

Inefficient project management can impact project delivery in multiple ways; increased costs, missed deadlines and a reduced quality of the final outcome.

We manage and deliver projects every day. Our practitioners are both PRINCE2 and AGILE qualified and we pride ourselves on our ability to organise, plan, communicate and deliver projects in line with business objectives.

Our in-house change control management process and quality assurance has been pivotal to the continuous project manage success we have achieved over the past 15 years.

Project delivery

Why would I outsource my project management to Alver services?

  • You can focus on your core business

    Managing project delivery can be a full-time effort, which if run inhouse can distract your employees away from their core function and quite often asking them to perform tasks that are outside of their capabilities.

  • We can help you stay on track

    The easiest way to increase the chances of staying on schedule and budget is to use an experienced project manager. Conversely if you find yourself in the unfortunate position that a project isn’t going the way it should, we can employee specific methods to get you back on track.

  • Trained project managers

    A trained project manager has a wealth of methods and tools they can call on to manage a project in the most efficient and effective way. Alver services has successfully delivered hundres of projects to date and we are still going strong.

Data analytics

The story of a successful business can be broken down into a series of key decisions. Proper utilisation of Data Analytics allows your business to make considered and informed decisions at all times. To utilise Data Analytics is to consolidate all available data streams and inform one’s self based on this consolidated viewpoint. Sometimes the decision to maintain as you are is as important as a decision to change.

Alver Services has 10+ years’ experience creating accurate, concise and accessible data analytic reports for a diverse range of clients through a variety of different platforms. The delivery of key performance indicators and data trend analysis reports have provided tangible benefits to individual employees and executive teams alike.

Data analytics

How Can Alver Services improve my business through data analytics?

  • Improve stability and efficiency

    Introduce a data analytics ‘health check’ system to continuously monitor key aspects of your business and communicate areas of deficiency. Give your employees the tools they need to both identify and remedy issues with your data.

    • Inventory/Asset Register monitoring
    • CRM system monitoring
    • Staff holidays
    • Invoicing and payment schedules

  • Improve workload management

    Create daily checklist reports for each employee to identify and prioritise the essential tasks by querying your existing IT systems. Automatically send out bespoke ‘to-do list’ reports for each employee.

  • Make educated choices

    Perform a Trend Analysis on a critical aspect of your business. Collate and interrogate legacy data to allow your business to make informed decisions in the future.

  • Be prepared

    Produce ‘Advanced warning’ reports for any manner of time critical tasks.

  • Increase business acquisition

    Create custom reports to summarise and showcase the flagship aspects of your business to potential clients.

Application management

To the user, Application Management is only apparent when it is implemented improperly. When performed correctly Application Management ensures minimal disruption to the user community while maximising efficiency and user satisfaction. Application Management covers the broad spectrum of tasks surrounding a business’s application suite, from BAU support/maintenance to change control and emergency assistance.

Alver Services has a proven track record of 15+ years managing a vast portfolio of steady state and evolving applications. Their effective management has seen many applications grow in a controlled way from serving a local (single building) audience to the entire globe (100+ countries worldwide).

Application management

What does my business gain by collaborating with Alver Services to manage my applications?

  • Avoid engaging multiple service providers

    Utilise Alver Services’ end to end Application Lifecycle management to cover all aspects of design, development, testing, deployment, support, maintenance and education all with a single team.

  • Reduce downtime and user frustration

    Implement a robust change management process for your application suite to ensure the expansion of your organisation and its applications takes place in a controlled and stable way.

  • Increase efficiency and productivity

    Consolidating and/or integrating your applications and having them managed by a single team.

  • Free up time

    Allow various teams within your business to focus on what they do best, progressing your business.